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"PIYOMORI" was powered up to "MORE!PIYOMORI".This is a puzzle game. Please stack "chicks" on the bowl as possible.You can play easily. To play this app, you need "swipe" and "tap" only.So anyone can play and enjoy.
[New features]:-New chick joined! ("items chicks" and "costume chicks")-You can regist favorite chicks.-The capsule toy of chicks.-The Chicks note.(Please complete!!)
[How to Play]:*Tap : A chicken fly to the bowl. *Table Swipe(LR) : The bowl turn. *Table Swipe(UD): The view point up and down.
-When ten chickens fall, game is over. -When you push the button of giveup, You can give up. -The orange chicken adheres to yellow. -Oranges do not adhere each other. -Depending on the device you use, game may become heavy.
[New chicks]:-ANGEL CHICK: A chick one wants to treat carefully not to fall from the piled chicks. You may have a penalty during the game.-DEVIL CHICK: Time bomb chick. I'll explode after a short period of time after stacked.-RECOVERY CHICK: You can recover a chick from throwing error.-SMALL CHICK: You can fill the gap between chicks.
[System Requirements]:- Android 2.3 and later.
[Known Compatibility Issues]:- Even while meeting the system requirements, some handsets have beenfound to be incompatible.- If the application does not launch, please try closing otherapplications to free up memory.